Truth of the day

No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.

– Robert Frost 


Plastic Perfection 

Cosmetic surgery, procedures and even make up have traditionally (and I use that word very loosely) been mainly a woman’s domain. Latest statistics show that men are opting to change their looks in alarmingly increasing numbers.

Botox injections, chin, calf and pec implant surgeries have had a dramatic increase in the last two years. One clinic reported some of their male clients were as young as 18. I was in a large department store the other week and I seriously mistook a young guy for a mannequin, I’m not even joking. He was mannicured to within an inch of his life and was wearing make up. I’m all for feeling good about the way you look but personally I prefer a more natural look.

I grew up in an era when teenagers wanted to look like Kurt Cobain so maybe I’m just too old to get why men and women want to look plastic these days. They’re looking for perfection but to me they look anything but.

Going under the knife has permanent consequences, I just home their decisions dont come back to bite them in their ass implants. 

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