Mummy Blogger: Friend or Foe?

Mummy Blogger. I’m curious. Does every Mummy Blogger write about kids exclusively or is it just a label we’ve stuck on women who have kids and blog? I have a kid and will mention him from time to time, does this make me a Mummy Blogger? Are men with kids, who blog, Daddy Bloggers? To be honest, I have been reluctant to mention my son in my writing in fear of being labelled a Mummy Blogger (then I chilled the fuck out). Not that I think there is anything wrong with being a Mummy Blogger I just don’t want to be pigeon holed. And I don’t think any writer should be pigeon holed unless self-prescribed.


Labels are labels and I know that, its what you attach to it that gives it meaning. People will attach things to it, and they do. I hear people slagging off Mummy Bloggers all the time as self-righteous, know-nothing, know-it-alls. I’ve heard people say things like ‘It’s like they think they’re the first people to ever have kids’. I read an article recently called Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Mommy Bloggers! It was so acidic and full of hate, AND WRITTEN BY A WOMAN. Not cool Lady, aren’t we all in this together?

Why are people so personally offended?

I don’t like it that a whole group of people can be judged and cast a side so easily. Most of the time writing is about expression, (I guess the hateful woman is just expressing herself too). I’m sure there are people out there ‘doing it for the money’ but how many people are making money out of writing? I know I’m not, lol (sad face).

I do occasionally read a Mummy Blogger article and I can usually relate to what they’re saying. As a mum, sometimes (if not all the time) its nice to know you are not alone in this big world. Your toddler is not the only one on his back, flailing like a dying cockroach, on the supermarket floor. I don’t like to go on about me too much but I suffered Post Traumatic Stress shortly after my son was born, (my husband dropped dead from a cardiac arrest, a story I’ll tell another time, he is alive now by the way). Sometimes I felt like I was alone and drowning. Reading that other mums were struggling with the day to day really helped me keep on keeping on.

I think generally as a group, mums are under supported emotionally in our societies, its hard fucking work being a mum. So, why are we bashing Mummy Bloggers?

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27 Responses

  1. beinpickii says:

    Limited minds will bash! Cause they don’t know better

  2. Well said! I feel like many people like to bash certain groups that create certain content. As you said mommy bloggers or I often hear tons of hate for beauty bloggers or beauty gurus some may call them but why? I feel that some people take it out on certain groups just because there are so many people that are into a certain thing or talk about a certain thing, whether that be kids, lifestyle, beauty etc. But why all this hatred? So what is someone writes about something 1000 others write about, that doesn’t make them a wannabe or bad for enjoying something in life that others do as well. It’s crazy how judgemental we as humans are sometimes!

    • Very true about the other types of bloggers too. Each to their own and if someone is getting enjoyment out of it, even if its just the person doing it, then good on them! Live and let live people!!

  3. inaloveworld says:

    We do not have any right to judge anybody! We do have the same birth rights – we are all human beings! Society has separated us and taught us how to be offended. It is up to us to choose that or not! Wonderful post!

  4. SheryL♥ says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for joining me!
    Great blog here! 🙂

  5. I never even thought to blog while i was caring for my young ‘uns. Dang! I missed out. More power to you!

  6. Your decision to follow my blog brought me here and I’m fascinated by your awesome articles 😉👍

  7. Loftspeaker1 says:

    Thanks for the follow! I am a mother of 3 children and my blog is mostly about marriage.

  8. Great read!
    I honestly don’t follow any ‘Mummy Blog’s’, as I don’t have children and don’t understand the lifestyle. I don’t bash anything I don’t like, I just don’t follow blogs I don’t understand 😉

    • Thats a good approach! I guess I’m the same with stuff I can relate to.

    • I fit into the same category as Midwestern Plant Girl, if you don’t have kids, how can you relate?
      I have actually been bashed because I don’t have kids. I try to follow everyone that follows me no matter there blog, because there is always something that I can relate to, even if they have kids.

  9. Don’t laugh, but when I saw this post, I wasn’t even thinking of mom, I was thinking of a real mummy. That’s how up I am on kids and parenting.

  10. I’m still laughing about this. I’m picturing a Mummy sitting typing at a computer 😂😂😂

  11. Ari says:

    Ahh people, they do love to label shit don’t they? It is so very limiting of a person to slap a label on someone for one aspect of their life. Not to mention it is shocking how often WOMEN bash WOMEN online! So I wasn’t surprised it was another woman who wrote that article about hating mommy bloggers.

    If this woman didn’t like so-called “Mommy bloggers” wouldn’t it be better to avoid blogs that she defines in that way?

    I think it can all be summed up in one sentence. People be crazy!

  12. gilian says:

    This is teh main reason why I dropped the word ‘women’ in my blog . It uses to be Words, Women, and Wonders. Now, it’s just Words and Wonders.
    I guess I was trying to not take too much attention from being the supermom and make others insecure. I also don’t post about my kids too much. (I used to) I also don’t want people to judge my kids with what I post. So my blog became an informative one.
    Mommy blogs are very helpful. You feel you are not alone in this crazy journey of motherhood. 🙂

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