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Isn’t fashion a funny thing. One day we decide that something looks good and then a few months later, or the following year, chances are it looks out of place. How is this possible? What drives this? Wearing clothes is a specifically human thing. Looking back throughout history most human societies wore some form of clothing. Scholars agree that clothing originated as a form of weather protection. The clothes we wear today generally suit the weather conditions but have certainly moved past a practical purpose and have become a form of expression for some people. I have always liked fashion but have never been fashionable, lol. I like to look at all the shiny pretty things but prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt any day of the week, or every day of the week as the case may be.

I wonder what makes some people more in to fashion than others? Why do some people follow trends and others go with the classics?

I guess fashion extends further than clothes. Things like cars and electronic devices go in and out of fashion too. Look at Apple, when I was a kid it was the dorkiest thing around and now all the cool kids have ALL the apple products. This turnaround is the result of some great product innovation and excellent marketing of course, it didn’t just happen. Apple told us we needed these products and a lot of people believed them. They are now a part of popular culture. I’ve heard many people refer to a tablet computer as an iPad, even when it was not. I personally am a reformed Apple junkie, kicked that shit years ago, Android is my drug of choice now.

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I think it all comes down to status, and ego. I don’t mean that in a negative way, those words normally have negative connotations. It is a bit like killing the biggest Sabre Tooth Tiger back in the cave man days. People like to be seen as the best, and having the best, and if media and popular culture have told us something is cool and its going to boost my status then GIVE IT TO MEEEE.

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