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My mind never stops, it goes a million miles an hour. I have all these ideas during the day and I think yeah I’ll write about that later. Life gets in the way, by the time I get around to writing I’ve forgotten all the things I wanted to write about. It would be great if we were able to keep a mental blog and record all the amazing thoughts we have during the day. A blog that we could download later and spill all the thoughts we’ve had. Someone needs to invent that shit. Could someone get on to that please.

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  1. foodandinfo says:

    That would be nice

  2. Ipuna Black says:

    Right! Ha ha. Too hard to keep up with everything.

  3. Grandtrines says:

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    I feel your pain, brother. See, also, my blog entry on this problem:

  4. colonialist says:

    The ever-present smartphone can do quite a good job of that. As thoughts strike, either go onto dictation or jot a quick memo. Isn’t it infuriating that often one can remember having had a brilliant idea for writing something, but can no longer what it was? Far kinder, if the idea was going to be lost, if the memory had also not kept the recollection of having had it.

  5. colonialist says:

    … can no longer REMEMBER what it was …

  6. I totally agree… A mental blog to keep up with… A retreat of sorts…

  7. While waiting for the invention, I think you should be doing something to help save your ideas. Whenever thoughts are popping up in my mind and I couldn’t help it, I always pick up my phone and make a short note that I can later develop at my own convenient time.

    • I’m getting better at that! It’s usually when I’m sitting in a meeting at work trying to look like I’m listening instead of daydreaming.

      • I knew that feeling 😂, but you can hold on to one thought at a time, nurture it with repetition and it will be kept in your subconscious mind where you will never forget and you can later write about it.

  8. I thought about that too. I lost so many great ideas, because I forgot them during the day or while I was sleeping.

  9. Yup … a brain that would give back on demand would be great. However, mine doesn’t! I learned long ago to have pencil and paper with me ALWAYS … in movie theaters, in the car, ESPECIALLY during meetings. Something about being bodily captive frees the imagination. My favorite paper is a 3×5 card – I keep a few in purse or pocket (vest pocket when hiking). No batteries to recharge, and note-taking in meetings is seldom recognized for the poem developing below the radar.

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