Cyber Dictatorship 

I was looking at what was trending on Twitter tonight. I came across the hashtag #BeforeTheInternetExisted. I was both amazed and saddened to see the amount of people saying things like #BeforeTheInternetExisted I had a life #BeforeTheInternetExisted people talked to each other. 

The internet is being described like its an enforced regime or dictatorship that we’re all forcibly enslaved to.

I am the first to agree that it can be a wonderful place of expression and community; and at the same time a dark pit of frightening predatory hate. Its a world of two extremes. This cyber world that most of us are a part of is at the moment a choice. We can choose how much of it we want to participate in for the most part. Technology has advanced our society incredibly fast but is in danger of ironically trapping us too.

We’re kind of in a sweet spot at the moment, you can almost get away with not participating in the cyber world if you really want to. More and more businesses are moving online and with financial and educational institutions operating almost exclusively online the choice is being taken away from us. Even my elderly parents are on Facebook and use Online Banking. By the time my children and children’s children are growing up the cyber and real world will be fully integrated. Its actually quite scary.

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  1. djemmand says:

    That is so very true. It begs to the question as to where we will be in the future. We cant just give the internet a bad label because it created a global village that has allowed people to see the injustice that is happening around the world and have given voices to pole who didn’t have a big platform. So with its downsides there are upsides. It is quite ironic that the “before the internet existed” was a trending thing on the internet 🙂

  2. I use to love buying records and cassettes… Life and it’s many changes…

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