Pleasures Of An Ordinary Life

I’ve had my share of necessary losses,
Of dreams I know no longer can come true.
I’m done now with the whys and the becauses.
It’s time to make things good, not just make do.
It’s time to stop complaining and pursue
The pleasures of an ordinary life.

I used to rail against my compromises.
I yearned for the wild music, the swift race.
But happiness arrived in new disguises:
Sun lighting a child’s hair. A friend’s embrace.
Slow dancing in a safe and quiet place.
The pleasures of an ordinary life.

I’ll have no trumpets, triumphs, trails of glory.
It seems the woman I’ve turned out to be
Is not the heroine of some grand story.
But I have learned to find the poetry
In what my hands can touch, my eyes can see.
The pleasures of an ordinary life.

Young fantasies of magic and of mystery
Are over. But they really can’t compete
With all we’ve built together: A long history.
Connections that help render us complete.
Ties that hold and heal us. And the sweet,
Sweet pleasures of an ordinary life

– Judith Viorst


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  1. I understand what it’s like to have high expectations for ourselves and feel slightly disappointed when we haven’t “measured up” to our own expectations. Sometimes, it’s “greener” on the other side of our own personal world. Only to realize, that the “grand” story that perhaps someone else’s living is not what it seems at all. It’s especially tough to compare ourselves and notice our expectations or what where we saw ourselves at played out in other people’s lives, maybe our friends or acquaintances. Maybe they’r where we thought we were supposed to be. But, I’ve learned like you have….that happiness comes from the inside and loving the little things in life. When we start to love what we already have, our priorities change. It doesn’t mean that we can’t “shoot for the stars,” but, in the end we find out that being good to ourselves means seeing all that we ought to be grateful for. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely poem. I love Viorst’s book Necessary Losses. There are passages that had a profound effect on me, and I still remember from 30 years ago.

  3. Simple pleasures are the best

  4. inaloveworld says:

    Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Here’s the link:

  5. Amazing piece of work! Life is simple and it’s the simple pleasures that make this simple wonder a journey that’s so adventurous and unique! Simple pleasures is the secret indeed!👍👍

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