I Think, Therefore I Write.

Somebody asked me recently, ‘whats your passion?’ I usually hate these sort of high energy questions but as I’m doing my fair share of soul searching at the moment it actually made me think. 

My first thought was writing; and then I delved a little deeper. I enjoy whats behind the writing, its the thinking thats my passion. I’m constantly questioning and analysing our world and how we perceive things. These ideas and opinions rattle around in my head until I get it out, on paper, so to speak.

I came to the conclusion writing is a tool of thought; and a powerful one if you use it right. Its not the sentence structure or correct use of grammar in writing that floats my boat; its the concise expression of a thought from one mind, being able to be transferred to the thought of another mind.

When we write expressively, its our words alone that must create an image, provoke a thought or render commonality with our reader. To invoke feelings and opinions in others with the words we write is an extraordinary gift, one we must cherish.

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  1. Theleens says:

    I love your point ‘its the concise expression of a thought from one mind, being able to be transferred to the thought of another mind’.

  2. Troy says:

    Thank you for following me, social underground.

  3. Lovely and I agree. There is something special about the translation of thoughts, ideas, and imagination into words that someone else can read and feel. 🙂

  4. I so agree… Deep thinker I am… Analyzing a deeper meaning to our mysterious universe….

  5. anne leueen says:

    “to evoke feeling and opinions is a gift”. Yes indeed it is a gift. Nice to see your work here. Thank you for the follow. I shall reciprocate.

  6. Very well said. I like the idea of connecting with someone when I write.

  7. Its good to write..
    Good morning there and Keep writing

  8. Ginger says:

    Well said, totally agree!

  9. I love your perspective

  10. George F. says:

    I’ll be reading you!

  11. Reblogged this on CITY GUIDES OF CALIFORNIA and commented:
    Easy there Soc. UndG,- on point though. I’m reading…

  12. sportsdiva64 says:

    Thanks for following my blog . I really appreciate it . Will follow yours as well .

  13. Gail says:

    Writing is a gift, though it can be cultivated. I keep a little book with inspirational quotes I come across–Mostly they are “concise expressions of a thought.” Thanks for visiting me and for the follow!

    Gail Park
    Making Life an Art

  14. Well expressed, in just a few words. My thoughts exactly.

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