Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by. I really like the idea of putting a photo up and calling on fellow writers to write a piece on it. I think it would be really interesting to see everyone’s take on it and the amazing variety it could produce. I would love it, if you have the time, to interpret this in your own way, any genre, even if its a one liner. Depending on the amount of responses I will re-blog some of them. Comment  on this post with the link to your work inspired by this photo.


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11 Responses

  1. Terrific picture to work with. My response will be published at tomorrow morning 7am Central European Time as “The Road”. I’ve been running a similar invitation on my blog – the latest is Feel free to join in.

  2. “It was a still night. The fog lay over the air like a warm and soothing blanket in bed. I could have taken the train, but something told me to walk. I used this time as an opportunity to clear my head. A time to prepare myself for what I knew was awaiting me at home….”

    Not the best, but entirely my interpretation of this image, leading into a deeper fictional piece. I really enjoyed doing this–please continue to share. It would be interesting to read on others and their interpretations. Thank you for the follow by the way, I will keep the conversation going!

  3. Aenne says:

    Challenge accepted!
    Okay, no friend came to scatter the library monotone,
    Again. But you knew that anyway, and look how perfect
    Fog raises interest, or electric space above your toes, in some
    Black boot capsules. We’re worn and Dishonored. Happy
    To serve. Just give more concrete and
    My feet don’t get hurt. They don’t get lonely,
    Don’t drip, don’t bend in selfish streetlights
    Or blow conversations back at you.
    It is so quiet nothing stirs
    And you are not sad, and you are not past and
    You are not the Dalai Lama.

  4. Al Harris says:

    déjà vu dreams and
    night mare loneliness
    at daybreak. to see
    emerald eyes, searching
    for me. as I; her.

  5. I love this concept of discovering what different interpretations everyone comes up with 🙂
    I tried to write a poem:

  6. ashiverma says:

    Shout out loud all that loud, every word to your soul, in the darkest of night,
    that stars starts to flicker, while universe unites for your desire to win !!

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