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I asked fellow writers to draw inspiration from the photo I posted and I have been delighted by the work people have put forward, thank you so much all those who took the time. Please keep contributing, I am loving reading these. As promised, here is some of the work that has come in… I will post more in the future also.

“It was a still night. The fog lay over the air like a warm and soothing blanket in bed. I could have taken the train, but something told me to walk. I used this time as an opportunity to clear my head. A time to prepare myself for what I knew was awaiting me at home….”

– Joezettes Journey –

déjà vu dreams and
night mare loneliness
at daybreak. to see
emerald eyes, searching
for me. as I; her.

– Al Harris –

A moment of doubt

The world had stopped around her

And all had become awfully quiet

As she stood in the middle of the road

Alone, drowned in light.


In the silence her heart was beating loudly

And her breath was fast

While she forced herself to stare ahead,

To not turn around and run back.


Slowly she closed her eyes

In the hope of gathering the courage

To leave the past behind

And take another step forward.

– Agirlcalledmaja –


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  1. I love the photo, and the responses. I think this could be the start of what of my tales of woe!

  2. As noted above, this was a beautiful thought provoking photo and the submissions were excellent.

  3. Kuki says:

    Soul touching

  4. John says:

    Thank you for following my website, appreciate that. 👍🏻

  5. Thoughtful and original site, will follow, thanks for following mine.

  6. Awesome interpretations!

  7. Al Harris says:

    I am humbled that you’ve included my piece in sharing the results of your prompt for fellow writers. The work you’ve shared by so many has me wondering, “Why me?” The whisper I feel when I see pictures as these, is real. She is out there. A friend told her, “He could pick you out of a million people.” Her emerald eyes, long legs, and perfect laugh captured me decades ago…and I still watch for her. She busted me; out of my shell – and will forever by my muse. God knows I miss her – dearly.

    If you’re up for a link correction for my blog, I would appreciate it.

    I am new to premium and am trying to combine all the “start-up” pages I had started years ago, without losing any work. Bear with me.

    Thank you for the prompt – sometimes it’s hard to pull thoughts together on the fly – prompts really help, and yours was perfectly timed. Like I said – I miss her dearly.

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but I do not see solitude in the pic. I am in a GREAT mood today; I love fog and rainy days (they make me happy and energized). This is what I see:

    “Dang it,” she said out loud, “I know I left my stupid car around here somewhere!” She now realized that she was on a bridge, which was nowhere near where she left her car. No worries. She had her music on her cel phone playing in her ear, so all was right in the world!
    While listening to “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed, she started re-tracing her steps. The selection ended, and the new song followed her current mood…”Slow down, you’re moving too fast” she was singing along with Simon and Garfunkel, and before you knew it, she was feelin’ groovy!

  9. Bunk Strutts says:

    And there it was – The Mothership. Only one cigarette left and I’m going to enjoy it while I still can. Why won’t those bastards leave me alone?

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