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  1. cabrogal says:

    Try ‘Goddess’.
    Now pick up a board and go worship.

    • Goddess is beautiful but to me implies superiority. I just like being with her.

      • cabrogal says:

        Oh, I have no doubt She’s my superior.
        All encompassing. All embracing. Eternal rhythm. Font of my blood. Life itself.
        She may be kinda wet but She is Land. Us kooris know what that means.

        Sure, everything and everyone is a manifestation of the indivisible divine; all worthy of worship. But some manifestations are more explicit than others.

  2. adventures says:

    I love the sea too 🙂

  3. I agree I love the sea although I live in land locked Alberta…and our river is still frozen…have a beautiful day! Smiles hedy

  4. wildsum says:

    I like sea too.

  5. You can tell the sea your secrets and she’ll never share them.

  6. Kuki says:

    Because it never talks back it gulps all ur woes

  7. gurlynimi says:

    Wow that’s good poem I like it

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