Australian Poetry Week

This week is Australian Poetry Week on my site. I am Australian so will be proudly posting work from some of our great Poets.

I’m going to start with one of Australia’s most famous Poets, Henry Lawson (1867 – 1922)

The Wattle

I saw it in the days gone by,
When the dead girl lay at rest,
And the wattle and the native rose
We placed upon her breast.

I saw it in the long ago
(And I’ve seen strong men die),
And who, to wear the wattle,
Hath better right than I?

I’ve fought it through the world since then,
And seen the best and worst,
But always in the lands of men
I held Australia first.

I wrote for her, I fought for her,
And when at last I lie,
Then who, to wear the wattle, has
A better right than I?

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No Responses

  1. cabrogal says:

    I love Lawson. But please, please, no Banjo Patterson. One Rudyard Kipling was more than enough.

    This here is a wattle
    The symbol of our land
    You can stick it in a bottle
    Or hold it in your hand
    – Monty Python

  2. mimfilip says:

    Excellent, I look forward to some more and please just one AB Patterson maybe.

  3. cabrogal says:

    If you want to see some jaw-dropping contemporary poetry by a young Australian woman, check out Lyn’s blog we bleed words.

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