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  1. bgddyjim says:

    Entirely disagree with this quote. I’d rather give my best, and my best is rarely slow. I get the sentiment, I just sense it could easily be used to justify half assing it.

    • Yep, I get where you’re coming from. Its trying to say dont give up. I guess even if you’re half assing it. Is half assing better than nothing? Might be all you can manage sometines.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Ah, now this is where it gets interesting! Will half assing anything get the job done? It may get you across the line but nobody sniffed the podium with half.

        That only covers winning though…. How many obese people have half assed diets only to gain all the weight back or who gave up because they weren’t losing weight fast enough?

        Giving half is never acceptable in reality though, even under the circumstance you outlined. If I’ve given my all and bonked out, getting across the line isn’t half assing it. It’s giving everything you’ve got left.

        Look at recovery from substance abuse! Half measures avail us nothing.

        We could go on for quite some time on this one. There is no doubt. It’s a great topic for debate.

        • That it is surely. In your example of substance abuse I agree half assing will not get you clean in the end but what if it gets you through the day? And if that in itself is a feat? I’m struggling a bit here, it’s been a hard day, should have half assed it 😆

  2. wildsum says:

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  3. Great words of perfection.

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