The Chase -Photo Inspiration

I ran through the trees, jumping over dead logs, sliding on the slippery blanket of leaves and pines that lay beneath my feet. I could hear my heart beat in my ears. Did I lose him? I couldnt be sure. I felt something trickle down my chin, could be sweat, could be blood. I instinctively touched the cut on my lip with my tongue. The metallic taste of blood crept onto my taste buds again; it was blood. I heard a tree branch snap not far behind me, probably just an animal but time to get moving again. I could see light up ahead, the sun breaking through the dense cloak of trees. A clearing! As I got closer I could see water, a stream, even better! I could follow it out of here, back to safety, back home! And god I needed a drink so badly, the sour taste of blood had intensified my desperate need for water. I broke through the tree line and felt the warm sun kiss my face, I’d never felt anything so good. I knelt at the water’s edge using my hands to cup the crystal clear water, my wrists stung madly where the ropes had been but I didnt care, I gulped as fast as I could. The water tasted glorious. A sudden chill ran over my body, bathed in shadow, I craned my neck to see where my golden sun had gone. A large hand slammed down on my shoulder and grabbed a handful of my shirt reefing me backwards. My breath caught in my throat. He’d found me.


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