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  1. bgddyjim says:

    I like the last one! Hilarious.

    • I like the Donald Trump one but I’m not American so I have the luxury of laughing from a distance.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Most foreigners will like that one, but they rarely know their own immigration policies. Being an Aussie, your illegal immigration policies are famously tough (a great deal tougher than those of the US), and being an island continent makes things much easier.

        • Yes, our immigration policies are in the news all the time and a big point of contention here.

          • bgddyjim says:

            Funny how that works – it’s a big source of contention but it never changes.

          • Well the politicians dont listen to what the people actually want. This is how the Donald Trump types get elected, people grow weary and disillusioned with political agendas and seek leaders who make change. Whether it be good or bad.

          • bgddyjim says:

            It’s a little different this time around. The backlash was against the establishment and both parties have establishment types. In the case of Trump, the change has been all good so far. We’ve had enough of this “one hand behind our back” stuff over here. It’s been fun to watch the politicians scurry around, trying to keep up.

  2. The response on the message from the ex 😀 Love it!

  3. That was Funny 😅

  4. artymommy says:

    Ha! Thanks for infusing a little gif humor into my evening as my baby girl pulls on my hair!!

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