I dont nose

Possibly a bit of a gross subject but I’m gonna go there. As I sat there tonight trying to explain to my two year old son why he shouldn’t pick his nose I actually struggled for reasons other than its gross. I mean yes there is bacteria up there, but we are all covered in zillions of bacteria. Kids have been picking their nose for centuries I’m sure, I don’t have any strong evidence, its just a hunch. I couldnt help but wonder why Mother Nature would put two finger sized holes smack bang on our face if we weren’t meant to touch them? End of bizarre serious of thoughts. 

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12 Responses

  1. bgddyjim says:

    To pick one’s nose is natural. To eat the booger, now that’s a problem. ‘Nough said.

  2. I think she put those holes there for breathing. Ha ha. But they are probably perfectly designed for picking too… the most effective way to get the gunk out. I think you’re right about this activity going on for thousands of years.

  3. bekasjournal says:

    Why does it feel so natural to thrust a figure and get it out…? Mostly we do it unconsciouslly

  4. ritaabuster says:

    When my niece was little, we had the exact same conversation. Do you know what my sister-in-law did? She googled is it safe to eat boogers…I kid you not. The amazing answer was yes, just don’t get caught doing it. All I had to say was thank God for hand sanitizer. 😉

  5. I know exactly what you are going through. Thank God I’m outta the woods in the subject. My daughter is 27 and my son is 22….. but shhhhh! I think they still pick their nose, while alone in their room. But they don’t eat anymore.

  6. pinkplateau says:

    Isn’t it sort of a vaccine, the bacteria up there? And that is why they’re programmed to eat it? Still gross, but it comes so natural. It’s not the same about the sticky yellow ear thing (is it ear wax in English?). My kids have never tried to eat that.

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