Street Art #2 – Tristan Eaton


Street Art

Los Angeles based artist Tristan Eaton started painting as a teenager on anything from dumpsters to billboards in the urban cityscapes where he lived. He has also had commercial success in toy making, for companies like Fisher Price and has become a leading influence in advertising and commercial art spheres. Tristan has worked for many leading companies and prestigious clients.



Tristan’s large scale art is a mix of pop-imagery and his own personal style. For more of Tristian Eaton’s work go to


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5 Responses

  1. poetrylover says:

    Wow that’s beautiful

  2. inaloveworld says:

    Wow! Amazing work! Thank you for sharing it!

  1. April 13, 2017

    […] via Street Art #2 — social underground […]

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