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Top Selling Albums Of All Time

We all have our favourite albums, some of them are probably pretty standard and some of them are probably pretty daggy! These are the top ten best selling albums of ALL TIME! Its actually...

Evening bustle

Crows calling in the distance The giggle of children playing Dusk falling upon the houses Dinners wafting on the breeze A smile dancing on my lips On the street where I live.

Lift yourself

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.  –Booker T. Washington


If the greats of yesteryear were around today how would they get noticed? Would Wordsworth post his status on facebook? Would Pound tweet? The internet is a great place for people to express themselves...

Every day

Every day you light me up I want to hand you the world But I know you must find it on your own 


One you were taken Thrust into purgatory Lying in wait You smiled at the grim reaper And returned home to me 

Another Day

Gentle gust of fresh air kisses my face Morning sunshine flooding in Another day at my feet Good morning world!